The Land of Milk and Honey

I’ve tried taking Benadrylbenadryl-3 at night to help me sleep, but it’s no good.  Sure, I sleep (or is it pass out?), but when I wake up, I  almost feel like I have a hangover, I’m so dopey, dry-mouthed, and groggy.  So no, not an option.  And then I’ve tried a nice healthy slug of some alcoholshot glass.  At first glance, it works like a charm.  But then, about three hours later, I’m wide awake and my heart is actually pounding a bit (after all, alcohol is a stimulant).  So again, not an option.  Now, taking Natural Calm magnesium has indeed changed my life.  I sleep better, my (self-diagnosed) restless legs have calmed way down, and all my systems are humming along nicely (if you know what I mean).  Natural VitalityBut sometimes I feel like I am getting kind of  immune to the magnesium, like my tolerance has built up too much, so lately I’ve only been taking it a couple of times a week.  Where does that leave me on the other nights if I’m not sleeping?  Well, I have another option.

Someone recently shared with me a trick her personal trainer told her.  My personal trainer doesn’t tell me anything because I don’t have a personal trainer. And if I did, he/she would be so annoyed by my lack of cooperation they wouldn’t give me handy hints like this.  But I digress.  By the way, this will only work if you like warm milk.  Which I do.  Okay, just before bedtime, I put a mug of nonfat milk (nonfat because it’s what I have–don’t know that it’s crucial to the process) in the microwave on the “beverage” setting, which warms it very nicely, in  a Goldilocks kind of way.  Then I put a squirt of honey in honey-jarit.  Real honey.  One time I went to the dollar store (morbid curiosity) and saw honey there.  I looked at the ingredients and it was just corn syrup! Honey-flavored corn syrup!  I was appalled.  Again, I digress.  Apparently the honey is a natural sedative due to the glucose, which is relaxing, and the milk promotes sleep due to the tryptophan.  So it really has a basis in, like, science.

Anyway,  you just put the honey in the milk and stir it up and drink it, and then you get into bed.  Try and read for more than about 10 minutes! I was very skeptical the first time I tried this, but I tell you what, it works.  Placebo effect or not, who cares? It makes me sleep like a proverbial baby, and even if I wake up, I go right back to sleep.  So that’s today’s handy hint, for which you will thank me (and an anonymous trainer) in the morning.  I’m sure of it.


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