I Was Just Thinking #1

Now, I know we are all much cooler than our moms were, and of course we look much younger than they did at our age.  However, we are still moms.  And as such, anything we become associated with becomes quite uncool to our kids, particularly our teenagers.  So my thinking is that Facebook is probably winding down.  Perhaps a bold statement,  but really, if you’re on Facebook, friending your high school lab partner or your freshman year roommate, is that something your kids are going to want to be doing, too? And, sadly, technology moves with the young’uns (and not us poor, decrepit, middle-aged people).

And while I’m at it, I think that incandescent lightbulbs are going to become harder and harder to get.  I hate CFLs and the way they give everyone a bilious, greenish complexion.  If you put them on the outside of your house you gain the aura of a mini-mart at midnight.  Esthetically they are no good, no matter how you look at them.  And they are supposedly so good for the environment, but how long before their mercury content becomes a hazard in and of itself?  But the current thinking seems to be that CFLs are the best thing since sliced bread.  I, however, disagree.  Let’s just say I’ve been stocking up a bit (“hoarding” sounds so extreme…) on incandescent bulbs.

Now, I’ll just throw this out there, too.  I think books (you know, the kind with a hard cover and pages made out of paper) will become more valuable as e-readers become more popular.  And I say this not just because I collect books (particularly pre-1965 editions of cookbooks, homemaking manuals, etc.), but rather because I think people will start getting rid of them, and publishers will stop printing so many.  Old books will become a novelty.  Although I have to wonder, what happens to your whole electronic library when your device won’t hold a charge anymore, or is too old to be used with the latest technology?

And finally, whole chickens are on sale this week at Safeway here in Vacaville for 79 cents a pound!


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  1. marollison
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 14:48:52

    Almost like traveling through a black hole, provocative, entertaining and useful information at warp speed, only to emerge on the other side of I-80, in the parking lot of the V’ville Safeway. Hair’s a bit mussed, but I llliked it! Inspired (very!) by cookbook collection. Hmmm (she uttered tapping finger on philtrum).


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